Microsoft Windows Xp coming to an end

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Windows-xp-endIt is important to remember that support and updates for Microsoft Windows XP comes to an end on 8. April 2014.


If you however have good hardware that you want to keep, then you can upgrade to Windows 8 or e.g. Linux Mint.


In one case where I wanted to keep an old PC I got, I decided to spend €60 on Windows 8 Professional to keep this alive. In other cases I have installed the "Windows like" Linux Mint.


If you go for Linux Mint, then be sure to download and create a bootable DVD first to ensure that your hardware is compatible. I have self several times experienced problems with the Broadcom wifi modules installed in some laptops.


Either way, I will recommend that you make up your mind wrt. this as soon as possible as staying on Windows XP is not really worth it.