IT and Telecom Consultant Goran B. Aasen

Goran is a Norwegian citizen from Salangen in Northern Norway. He moved to Dublin, Ireland in March 1998.


Having worked in large multinational corporations like Oracle, IBM and Ericsson for a number of years, Goran now mainly work in the areas of IT and Telecom Consultancy, directly or through his company GaaTec Limited.


Goran has worked with companies all over the world, but spent his time mainly working towards customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Have a look at the Customer Map for a better understanding of the areas covered.

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Contact details

 Goran B. Aasen

10 Hyde Park, Terenure, 
Dublin D6W TX82, Ireland

Monday – Saturday
from 8:00 to 20:00

+ 353 87 980 4545 /