About Gøran B. Aasen

goran aasen

My name is Gøran Bendiktsen Aasen, and I am working as a IT and Telecoms Consultant.

I have a background from large corporates like Oracle, IBM and Ericsson, and have also worked with a number of smaller startups.

Current status:

CEO of Cicada Exchange, an Irish registered company.

CEO and owner of GaaTec Limited, an Irish registered company.

Chairman of the Board in the following Norwegian registered companies:


Living in Dublin, Ireland since 1998, but originally from Salangen in Northern Norway.


Have worked with customers all over the world, but spent 95% of my time towards customers and projects within Europe, Middle East and Africa.

My work travels have brought me to many interesting countries over the years. The list includes (but are not limited to) countries like: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Liberia, DRC Congo, Israel, Palestine, Cameroon, Somalia, South Africa, India, Algeria, Tunisia and Bahrain. Plus a number of other equally facinating countries and territories.


I can be reached by email or phone:

Mobile: +353 87 980 4545


 ....or simply fill in the form on the contact page, and I will call you back.


If you have a QR code scanner on you phone, then simply scan the below QR code to add me to your addressbook:

If you scan the QR code you will get both my Irish and Norwegian mobiles. I am however mainly available on my Irish phone which is the one that starts with +353....

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