Black screen, spinning wheel when reboot

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I suddenly started getting a strange problem on my Windows 10 desktop computer.

Often after an update/upgrade, you are asked to reboot the computer to finish the update/upgrade.

When I then go ahead and initiate the reboot the computer then hang on the restart with a black screen and that little spinning wheel

2020 11 10 loading

After a lot of grief I found that this was caused by an external USB device.

I do use a Logitech Cordless Mouse, and the USB adapter for this was causing the problem.

Simply unplug the usb adapter for the mouse, and viola my computer continued the boot cycle.


I will have to look deeper into this to see if there is a workaround so I dont have to unplug this everytime I reboot the computer, but for the time being this is a workable solution.


Funnily enough, this problem only happen when I reboot the computer. If I turn off the computer, and then turn it on again, then the computer does not hang on boot.