Joomla Content Versioning

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Joomla is continously improving, and one of the new things introduced in Joomla 3.2 was something called Content Version Control.


Joomla content version activationContent Version Control means that Joomla can be configured to save the last e.g. 10 versions of each article.


I previously used a third party extension for this while on Joomla 2.5, but as this now is a part of Joomla core functionality it is even better.


The only thing you need to do is to activate this function.


Simply do the following to activate Content Version:

1) Login to Joomla Admin

2) Go to Article Manager

3) Click on OPTIONS ( Top right corner)

4) Click on "Editing Layout"

5) Enable Versions

6) Change "Maximum Versions" if you want more than 10 to be stored.

7) Save and Close


You should now have activated the Content Version Control.


From now on you will see a new button on the top of the Article Manager when working on an article. This button is called "Versions", you can click on that so see and rollback/revert to previous versions of your Joomla article. (See image below)

Joomla content version button