Approval of an article in Joomla prior to publishing this

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Occationally when I add a new article to a customers Joomla website I want to be able to let my customer approve this article prior to publishing this.

As there are no obvious workflow for sending an article for approval to a non-registered user, I needed to find a way to solve this.

You can achieve this as follows:

1) Write your article, and set the "status" to archived

2) Look at the url in the browser and the articleID should be at the very end of the url. (Alternatively, you can find the articleID in the CONTENT-ARTICLES within Joomla Admin)

3) ReCreate your unique URL

The URL should have the following form:[31]

(tailor your url accordingly. In the above example you can see that the article ID is "31", and my demosite is on the url "")