Blank mainpage on SecurityCheckPro after upgrade


Blank mainpage on SecurityCheckPro after upgrade


I yesterday experienced a blank mainpage for SecurityCheckPro in the Joomla backend.

As this happened after an upgrade where also SecurityCheckPro was updated I assumed that there was a bug in SecurityCheckPro.

I then did a rollback to the previous version of SecurityCheckPro only to find that the problem was still there.

I therefore started to look at the other items that was upgraded at the same time, and simply uninstalled these one by one until I found the culprit that conflicted with SecurityCheckPro.

After uninstalling the Joomla extension called "Advanced Module Manager" by Regular Labs, I was again able to access the SecurityCheckPro frontpage.

So for the moment I left the AMM uninstalled, and notified the SCP developer of my findings.

The developer since issued a fix for SCP which will be in the next release. After trying this I verified that this issue seem to be solved.


More info in the SCP forum:


More info on the software and extensions mentioned:



Advanced Module Manager



Blank Frontend after Joomla 3.5 upgrade


Are you experiencing a blank frontend/frontpage after upgrading to Joomla 3.5?

Chances are that you have either of these two problems;


1) Non compatible Template.

If you like me are using Artisteer as your template development software, simply open your current template in a current version of Artisteer, then save and export a new template. Then install the new template onto your Joomla site and activate this. Finally clear the cache to see if that has made any difference to you.


If you however are using a purchased template, then look to see if there has been an update released by the template developer.



2) Non compatible Joomla Extension.

If the template trick didn't work it is likely that one of your Joomla Extensions are causing this error.

In my case it was the extension called ARI Image Slider (mod_ariimageslider) that caused this. I then simply downloaded the updated module from the developers site, installed that, and viola everything was back to normal.