Blank mainpage on SecurityCheckPro after upgrade

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I yesterday experienced a blank mainpage for SecurityCheckPro in the Joomla backend.

As this happened after an upgrade where also SecurityCheckPro was updated I assumed that there was a bug in SecurityCheckPro.

I then did a rollback to the previous version of SecurityCheckPro only to find that the problem was still there.

I therefore started to look at the other items that was upgraded at the same time, and simply uninstalled these one by one until I found the culprit that conflicted with SecurityCheckPro.

After uninstalling the Joomla extension called "Advanced Module Manager" by Regular Labs, I was again able to access the SecurityCheckPro frontpage.

So for the moment I left the AMM uninstalled, and notified the SCP developer of my findings.

The developer since issued a fix for SCP which will be in the next release. After trying this I verified that this issue seem to be solved.


More info in the SCP forum:


More info on the software and extensions mentioned:



Advanced Module Manager